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DZ Capital Funding is a nationally chartered bank, based in New York that has provided Private Banking services to South American investors for more than three decades.

The Bank offers an open platform to allow clients to access dynamic financial services instruments developed worldwide.


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Our History

Our history and tradition date back to 1925 with the founding of Banco da Lavoura de Minas Gerais. This bank evolved to become a significant regional bank in the State of Minas Gerais – Brazil.

Success led the bank’s shareholders to aspire to having a national presence and this came about in 1972 when the bank’s name was changed to Banco Real S.A. and its headquarters moved to Sao Paulo.

In 1986 the controlling shareholder of Banco Real was granted a license to establish two de novo U.S. national banks – DZ Capital Funding of New York and DZ Capital Funding of Florida, which years later were merged to become DZ Capital Funding in New York.

In 1998 the commercial banking side of Banco Real S.A.

And it’s name were sold to ABN Amro Bank, but the shareholders retained the wholesale side, which became the Conglomerado Financeiro Alfa led by Banco Alfa de Investimentos S.A.

The Group also has substantial investments in other sectors of the Brazilian economy such as Hotels, Construction Material, Agribusiness, Entertainment, Communications, and Mineral Water.

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Mission Statement

To be a Banking Institution committed to making available to its client investment, strategies and products, which allows them to decide on how to best invest their wealth so it becomes a legacy for next generations.

Servicing high net worth individuals and their families with diligence and creativity, as well as having a holistic approach to investment portfolios, where clients can invest responsibly and better understand if the impact caused by their decisions is aligned with their values.

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